SHC Feb 2020

Above: Some of the members of the Soil Health Coalition at the Winter 2020 Farmer Forum.

March 29 group 2 sm

Meet some of our farmers and land managers (above). On March 29, 2018, many of our project participants attended a workshop and farmer-to-farmer forum.

Core Group 2019

Meet the 2019 "Core Group" for the Soil Health Project:

Top Left to Bottom: Pam Jackson, Val Steinmann, Cathy Hansen, Mark Eastman,  Ruth Knight, Aileen Hutson, Lorne Jamieson

Not Pictured: Owen Goltz, Liz Armstrong, David Alexander


Our Soil Health Project 2018:

Monitoring soil carbon levels and water infiltration rates at local farms over time at different sites on each farm. Connecting farmers with each other to promote health soil practices.