Upcoming Events

Doors Open Erin, Saturday June 8

Come visit the Soil Health Coalition Team on June 8th for Interactive Soil Health Demos and a Bike-Powered Juicer at Heartwood Farm and Cidery, during Doors Open Erin!

10 am - 4 pm
Saturday June 8th
5438 Second Line 
Erin, Ontario

Water Infiltration Demo
Bioreactor June Twilight Meeting 6

Bioreactor Twilight Meeting and Workshop:

Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management (BEAM)

Holds some real promise for dramatically increasing plant productivity and soil function. The Johnson-Su Bioreactor is an easy-to-build unit that produces highly concentrated BEAM compost to inoculate large or small acreages of crop land.

At this twilight meeting, we will build a bioreactor using low-cost hardware store materials, and also set up, fill and get one going.
We will also share what we’ve learned from workshops and webinars offered by Dr. David Johnson, designer of the Bioreactor, as well as our own experience in constructing our first bioreactor!
Tuesday June 4:  6-9pm
(rain date: Wednesday June 5)
at Heartwood Farm and Cidery, 5438 2nd Line, Erin

Community Events:


May 16: Opening of Beer Garden at Goodlot

May 16 & 18: Spring Tasting Room at Heartwood

May 18: Biochar Event at Whole Village

May 25: Zero Waste Workshop at Riverdale

May 25: EFAO Workshop: Disease & Pest Cycles in Orchards



More events coming soon!


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Past Events

January 31: Webinar

NFU Conference