At our Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 Farmer's Forums, several Site Participants shared their experiences regarding the changes they have made on their property as a result of learning more about the importance of soil health.

Below is a link to 9 presentations about their experiences.

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Through the summer and fall of 2019, many of our Site Participants had water infiltration rates tested on their farms. Those who participated received their personalized data. Below is an interpretation fact sheet that will help you make sense of water infiltration.
DRAFT6 - long - Infiltration Fact Sheet

These are the presentations from our March 29, 2018, Soil Health Workshop and Farmer Forum:


Presented by:
Alan Kruszel CCA,
Chairman, Soil Conservation Council of Canada:

Soil Health: The Time to Act is Now

"Soil Your Undies" Flyer

Presented by:
Ruth Knight, P.Ag.,
Project Lead, Soil Health Coalition Erin Pilot Project

Soil 101: A Relationship Between 4 Cycles


Presented by:
Mark Eastman, M.Sc.,
Senior Coordinator, Agricultural Outreach Credit Valley Conservation

Soil Health, the Water Cycle and Environmental Protection


Other Resources:


The Soil Carbon Coalition


The Soil Story (a short video)


You can download our List of Resources